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What's the state of your graduation rate?

Often, students fall behind during a particular quarter in specific disciplines. Learning Recovery provides a mechanism for students to continue in their course of study and enables students to close the gap on lost course work from the previous quarter. The proactive approach to educational solutions makes possible opportunities for students to stay on pace in desired courses.

  • Sans summer school availability, credit recovery is quickly becoming a major issue that all schools face.
  • Due to the varied needs of individual students, schools can’t create a single class for credit recovery.
  • Compounding matters, many students already have a full schedule.
  • Using a traditional approach to address this issue requires an inordinate amount of one-on-one instruction.

The solution is Learning Reocvery utilizing the RightPath Student Success System, a blended learning approach to solving the Credit Recovery problem.

The Learning Recovery Solution
  • Proactive appraoch.
  • Blended learning to maximize district resources.
  • The entire curriculum is available online.
  • Students are able to work at their own pace on the classes they specifically need.
  • Those taking different courses could be in the same classroom without interrupting each other.
  • And, students working from home are provided credit-recovery via a distance education format.

Our tried and tested solution, RightPath educates at-risk populations in a cost-effective manner, controlling student-teacher ratios, maintaining educational effectiveness. For the greatest good: our future's future.

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