Individualized instruction for all students is at the heart of our technology-enabled solutions, providing opportunities for students to progress with their peers, while staying on track for graduation.



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RTI, Coursework, Learning Plans and MORE

The Learning Resources featured in RightPath™ provide numerous instructional paths and tools for teachers to support the individual needs of their students. A robust library of interactive and engaging intervention lessons grades 1 -8 are coupled with high school core and elective coursework offerings (see samples below.) Individual Learning Plans, diagnostics and system generated intervention grouping, assist teachers to individualize instruction. Teachers, grade level and school-based success teams can utilize instructional reporting to easily progress monitor while tapping the information and power of the RTI management tool. 


Elementary Lesson Resources

Response to Intervention Lessons
Grades 1-8 ELA and Math 

Secondary Lesson Resources

Core Courses and Electives
Grades 9-12

We believe EVERY student and teacher CAN and WILL Succeed!

Flexible, Scalable and Cost Effective

Every student is unique and special. Students come to school each day with different strengths, challenges and assets. The days of the “one size fits all” education practice is no longer acceptable. With these demands, teachers and schools are challenged to find ways to accommodate all the needs of each individual student. RightPath™ provides essential learning support and tools for teachers and schools to navigate the creation of the appropriate learning environments and programs to promote success.


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