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Assessment Administration, Scoring and Reporting

RightPath provides multiple paths for the administration, scoring and reporting of student assessments and data. Choose the path(s) that match your present process or your future vision for making results and data available and actionable.  This seamless process is crucial to ultimately make effective instructional decisions aligned to teacher and student needs. 

Administration & Scoring

  • Online or Paper administration  
  • RightScore - Immediate results with teacher and district self-scoring   
  • Create, Scan, and Score Answer / Bubble Sheets  
  • Teacher on-demand  
  • Centralized / District-wide

Multi-Level Instructional Reporting

  • District, Building, Class, Student  
  • Individual Learning, Small and Whole Group   
  • 3rd Party Assessment Results  
    • NY State Results (3-8 ELA & Math, High School)  
  • Multiple report styles including  
    • Rank order  and Item Analysis  
    • Growth compared to peers/prior achievement level  
    • Standard Mastery 
  • District defined comparative reports – growth across similar assessments  
    • Student Performance Profiles – define results to be analyzed longitudinally for individual students or groups  
    •  Achievement and/or Growth on multiple form / benchmark or summative assessments